Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to get well? 

It is sometimes difficult to predict exactly how much time will be needed for healing to occur.  Lifestyles, work habits, and body mechanics will have to be evaluated in any treatment plan.  The severity and duration of the condition must be taken into account in determining the length of treatment.  More severe injuries or conditions that have existed for longer periods of time can, and often do, require more time to heal.  Some severe cases can take as long as twelve to sixteen weeks.  Most mild or uncomplicated injuries or conditions will be able reach maximum healing in four to six weeks.  

What is that “crunching” noise that I hear when the Doctor adjusts my spine? 

The audible noise during an adjustment is called “cavitation”.  This sound is not caused by bones “cracking”.  Inside the joints, there is a lubricating fluid that is secreted by the lining of the joint capsule.  One of the waste byproducts of cellular metabolism is nitrogen gas.  It forms tiny bubbles throughout the fluid in the joint, similar to a glass filled with a clear carbonated drink like “Sprite” or “7-Up”.  When you bump the glass, the bubbles dissipate and pop, creating the fizzing noise that you can hear.  When an adjustment is made, the nitrogen gas bubbles inside the joint react much the same way, causing the “popping” noise.  Depending on the amount of gas bubbles in a joint, the noise is less or greater at different times. 

Will I have to keep coming back for spinal adjustments for the rest of my life? 

No.  There is no reason that you cannot stop your Chiropractic care at any time you choose.  Chiropractic is uniquely dedicated to making certain structural changes in your musculoskeletal system, specifically in the vertebra and muscles of the spine.  Once those changes have been affected, you should not only have relief from any symptoms, but also there is the probability that the problem is sufficiently resolved.  It is highly recommended that you follow the treatment plan prepared for you.  If you do not, the corrections may not be complete nor the problem resolved for any length of time.  Our office does offer Wellness Care, to help detect and correct minor spinal alignment problems, before they become symptomatic.